Quit Fu$%in Around And Be A Christian

Northern Sessions live video: https://vimeo.com/185536335

Tom Sawyer was a shit disturber. He was mischievous, he didn’t take direction and he had an ability of pushing everyone around him to their limits. He was also charming, exciting and you would follow him on any adventure. 

I’ve always felt like this was a nobel mission statement. Push the limits right to the edge and then moonwalk back a few steps. 

Quit Fu#$in Around And Be A Christian follows this format pretty closely. 

The song is about the drunk advice a man gave me in Nashville Tennessee. It’s not particularly bad advice, it’s just ironic because it was coming from a man who could barely stand-up and was spitting Bud Light in my face when he talked. He was the type of person who spoke but didn’t listen and he certainly didn’t seem like he had his shit together. He was the type of guy you probably wouldn’t be asking for advice from. 

“Fu$#in” and “Christian” don’t belong in the same sentence. Sam Outlaw says that 85% of writing a good country song is in the title. When the drunkest man in Tennessee told me to quit fu$#in around and be a Christian, I knew that I had a good title. 

I wanted the song to be in a similar vein to the Hayes Carll classic, “She Left Me For Jesus”. It’s certainly not a new theme but I thought I could put my own spin on it. Besides, I’ve used up all my “girl got away” songs, so I’m reaching for new subject matter. 

Ironically, my faith is something I take very seriously. It’s something I don’t like to talk about. It’s something I practice in solitude. I’m an on-again-off-again Christian with an appreciation for Taoism, spirituality and most world religions.  

Personally, I think this song isn’t really about faith or religion, it’s just about drunk people saying funny things in bars.