Cover Art: I Am The Lizard King

Cover Art: I Am The Lizard King 

I am a podcast enthusiast. Maybe it’s from spending too much time alone in a car and too much time with live music. There’s always been something appealing about the knowledge, entertainment and endless supply of podcasts with every theme you could ever imagine. 

I often listen to podcasts at 1.5 speed so that I can consume them faster than intended. I presume I learnt about 99 Designs through their constant advertising on all my favourite podcasts. 

So when it came down to getting some designs for my upcoming book, I Am The Lizard King, I figured I would try them out. 

I prefer to support local artists, it felt ironic to outsource for art, but sometimes artists can be really hard to work with (that includes me). 99 Designs made things really easy and I’m really happy with the results. 

Several strong candidates came in and I selected three finalists and ran a poll on Facebook and Twitter to determine which was the crowd favourite. The poll was largely unhelpful and people were split three ways as to which cover they liked best. I suppose that’s a good problem to have. 

I chose the following cover art because I felt like it suited the book best. I didn’t choose it for marketability or any practical reasons. I just thought it represented the body of work. 

I Am The Lizard King is a strange book. It’s a work of Creative Non-Fiction that is far more bizarre and zany than I could ever make up on my own. I’ve had a very strange life, but it’s a life that offers rich source material to pull from. I didn’t have to be a great writer because I already had a great story. All I had to do was tell it. 

The first chapter of the book will be making it’s online debut soon enough. Once you read this I think you will understand how fitting the cover art is. 

I wanted cover art that represented the book. The whole package is weird and strange and beautiful. If you voted or offered your opinion, I thank you. I’m excited to share this wild adventure with you. I’ll absolutely be writing books as long as I live. I can say the same about making music.